Second time lucky (part 1)

One week ago, R, who I traveled with in Vietnam, suddenly announced that he was coming to Singapore.

Me: “When?”

R: “tomorrow evening :)”

It was a shock, a very pleasant one though. I was extremely sad to leave Hanoi 5 weeks ago, and didn’t think I’d see him ever again.  To relive those memories with him so soon again was a dream come true. I replanned my whole week’s schedule, canceled all other appointments, skipped gym and paid for almost everything. Taylor Swift’s “Today was a fairytale” was what I was experiencing for the whole week. At work and throughout the day, I found myself smiling like an idiot for no reason and being in a crazy good mood.

The first night, when we met again, we hugged so tightly, with me breathlessly exclaiming that I was so happy to see him. He said I looked good; having only seen me in dirty tshirts and shorts only, I guess work clothes were a nice change. We went for Indian vegetarian food, where both of us had no idea what we were eating, but it was good nonetheless. Walked for 2 hours catching up on everything, before having a drink to chill a little and decide at that moment that we should go to Malaysia over the weekend. Where in Malaysia, we had no idea. I loved his spontaneity. I walked him back to his hostel, and he gave me a gentle peck on the lips which left me grinning from ear to ear on my walk home. To hear his German/French-accented English again was magic to my ears.

Tuesday. I wanted to take a half day off, but as luck would have it, I had to work. Nonetheless, he walked over and met me for lunch. I guess what makes us click so well is that he is as energetic as me, which is really rare to find. We had some rather forgettable Korean food, but with him, the food was really secondary. I could just stare into his eyes the whole day and I’m pretty sure he noticed me doing it a few times but I didn’t care. While I went back to work, he roamed the CBD for the afternoon, and told me that it was there and then that he realised that he had left his past life totally behind, and it was really refreshing to see things from a new perspective. I left work at 6 on the dot that day, to find him sitting at the fountain near my office building, people-watching in the cutest way possible. We sat there for a while, where he excitedly told me about a museum he visited. It was the first time I sat at that bench despite passing it everyday, and I never felt so happy to linger around my office after work hours. I brought him to pure to take a look at the gym, before we went for dinner. R has a strange thing for non Singaporean food, but whatever makes him happy. It started pouring, so we hid at MBS for a while, wanting to go up to the sky park but it was closed. We decided to have an early night and went back to his hostel to book our Tioman trip. I suggested Malacca but he wanted somewhere with no city, so Tioman it was.

Wednesday. I finally had my half day, and left as quickly as I could to look for him. The way we always greeted each other with a bear hug really made my day. This time, we sat at a playground for a bit watching kids climb up and down the slide, something I hadn’t for years. We had yet another Indian vegetarian lunch, where he decided that we should use our hands to eat. I dug my paws into his rice to try a bit before he did the same, and declared that I was the first person to ever stick my fingers into his food lol. Extremely stuffed, we took a long walk to visit his first mosque, and then to the ArtScience museum. I had been wanting to visit it for a long time, and finally had a reason to. Somehow we both passed off as students, and it was then that he realised I could lie without batting an eyelid. Such a fun afternoon, playing with all the interactive exhibits and being like kids all over again. After a quick walk through the Gardens by the Bay, I dropped him back at his hostel to pack for our weekend rendezvous. It was so nice to say “see you tomorrow” instead of “Bye…”. If only I could have had him stay at my place.


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