I am currently feeling an utter lack of motivation in my life. Can barely stay up past 9pm on weekends because I’m too lazy to go out. Can’t be bothered to catch up properly with friends because I have nothing interesting going on to show for. Work is killing me, the absolute boredom and pointlessness of it. And I’m getting so damn lazy to work out properly and eat healthily that my weight loss over the past few months is being reversed. Hate myself for being such a weak-willed loser but it’s hard to find motivation in times like these. I’ve promised myself that I’ll take action next year and travel. But even then, I’m too lazy to plan for it even though it should be getting me pumped.

How does one navigate through such times? To call it trying would make me a first-world spoilt brat, which I admit at times I am. But first world problems are just as real as any life threatening issues. I’m finding it extremely¬† hard to get excited about anything or to try hard for a better future. Have no idea how I’m going to get out of this rut, but on a bright note, I’m sure I will. Tough times don’t last.


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