My name is Jessica, and I started this blog at a difficult time in my life. The so-called quarter life crisis, the epitome of a first-world problem. Well, to be fair, us lucky ones in first-world countries do have our own set of problems which, while not life-threatening, are still taxing on the soul and mind. Writing has been one of my healthier escapes from reality, so this is how peterpantie came about.

Why peterpantie? I dream of a life outside of the corporate world. After 2.3 years of rotting away in an office setting, I’m just thisclose to throwing in the towel. And I’m sure I will make a move before the third year comes. My goal is to travel indefinitely, and some people say that such is the life of an aspiring peter pan, one who never wants to grow up. What does growing up mean anyway? Giving up your dreams and taking on responsibilities that adults normally do because society says that’s what one should do? Maybe. But I’m not one to conform to social norms. I try, but often fail. So yeah, I believe I am an aspiring peter pan. Pantie because it sounds more feminine and I am proud to be a woman. Pantie also because of the slightly naughty word play.

Immer weiter – always going on, in German. The most recent fling’s life motto. I liked him a lot, and I share his sentiment. Life may throw stones at you, but you’ve just gotta keep going on and on.

I originally had a private blog where I wrote down my innermost thoughts and cries for help, and another travel blog which never quite took off because I couldn’t decide if it should be an informative one or one that was written from the perspective of my couchsurfing experiences. As such, the tone was confused, just like me. So peterpantie is going to be a mix of the two. I think I would like to write about my feelings more openly, because I am terrible at articulating them in real life, maybe doing this will make me feel less ashamed of having them.

At present, there are 5 main first-world problems I constantly fret about:

  1. Whether I should quit my stable but mind numbing job to travel, and trade a sure-in paycheck for the life I’ve been dreaming of.
  2. Losing weight.
  3. Where should I travel to to maximise my time on this planet.
  4. The unknown of my career, should I manage to find one. I don’t think I have started on my career, what I’ve been doing are jobs
  5. Love and friendship

And you will hear me, or rather, read about me whining about these like a broken tape recorder here šŸ™‚